The two part epoxy resin system is easily mixed and quickly applied as a slurry to dampened paving. The great advantage of our formulation is increased water tolerance which enables use in damp weather and light rain.

Mid Grey
Neutral/ Buff

PietraPoint is an integral part of the PietraPave system ideally suited to filling joints between small element paving. It is a two part epoxy resin motar that provides high strength with a low modulus of elasticity and very strong resistance to fatigue.


PietraPoint may highlight the natural colour and texture of the paving. This is only a temporary effect as weathering and foot traffic accelerate its disappearance. The sheen can be minimised by ensuring the paving is adequately prepared and soaked with water prior to application.


The PietraPave system is now sold as a whole package with jointing included; this gives the customer a high-quality grouting product at a fraction of the price.

Key attributes

Its high performance means that it is used widely for domestic and commercial projects where medium traffic loading is required and when laid in times of inclement weather.

  • Two part epoxy resin based mortar system, cement free
  • Medium to heavy traffic loads, ideal for driveways & high trafficked areas
  • Fast application
  • Easy: no more bending or kneeling requiring much less effort
  • Applied to wet surfaces plus increased water tolerance
  • Professional results: no mess, and no returning for cleaning
  • Self compacting & suitable for joint widths from 5mm upwards
  • Weed, pressure washer and frost resistant
  • Colours available: Neutral (buff), Mid-Grey and Black

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